La cellulose comme isolant électrique

Novel concept for manufacturing of electrical insulation components


Electrical insulation components are made to various 3D shapes, and cellulose is their common raw material. VTT is leading the NOVUM consortium that aims at renewing the manufacturing concept of these components.


Oil-cooled power distribution transformers change voltage at power plants. They utilize special paper and wood insulation components that isolate the circuits from each other.

The market size of transformer insulators is B$1.19 globally. However, the production of high-quality insulation products from cellulose is currently labor-intensive and slow.

NOVUM is an EU-funded project that aims at solving these issues. Researchers are creating a pilot line concept for manufacture of insulator components, and doing material research on cellulose. Significant improvements are expected in resource efficiency and in the reduction of energy consumption and operation costs.


NOVUM brings together three technologies: 3D printing, thermoforming and foam forming. These are established technologies, but they are not applied in the area of insulation component manufacture. Electrical insulators can be complex in shape and must withstand harsh conditions in terms of temperature and mechanical stress for the duration of their whole service life, which can exceed 30 years.


Cellulose is not a common raw material in 3D printing, as it is not inherently thermoplastic. To get the required thermoplastic properties, the cellulose structure can be modified, or additives can be used in combination with cellulose.


Nine European partners are collaborating in the NOVUM consortium that is coordinated by VTT.


For more information, please contact

Heli Kangas, Coordinator of the NOVUM project, Research Team Leader, tel. +358 400 357 233,

Otto-Ville Kaukoniemi, NOVUM Project Manager (VTT), tel. +358 50 354 4729,



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  • NOVUM Newsletter, October 2019

Check also the project website

NOVUM – Pilot line based on novel manufacturing technologies for cellulose-based electrical insulation components


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