Relance des presses Timsons par CPI

Timsons Engineering Ltd and CPI establish joint venture TimsonsCPI Ltd for the manufacture of Timsons presses

Kettering, September 22, 2021 We are pleased to announce the formation of a joint venture between Timsons Engineering Ltd and CPI UK.

The formation of « Timsons CPI Limited » solidifies our strategic alliance by bringing together decades of experience and expertise in producing some of the world’s finest presses and printed books. Building on our long-standing close relationship, Timsons CPI will manufacture new web offset litho presses and related equipment for the global book production sector.

This new company will complement the existing businesses of Timsons Engineering Ltd and CPI Books and help secure their long-term prospects for the benefit of their respective customers.

The new company’s first project is to upgrade an existing T48 Royal single-unit press to a zero-make-ready press to increase CPI UK’s Royal printing capacity and support the growth of the UK trade book market.

In recent years, the market for trade books has developed very well, and web offset printing remains the most productive means of getting large volumes of books to market quickly. Sales of physical books continue to grow, with more than 200 million printed books sold in the UK alone in 2020, the highest number since 2012 – a trend that will continue through 2021 and shows no sign of abating.

Given the continued strength of the book market, there is a clear need for new web offset presses to support the global publishing market and secure its production base for the future.

The renewed opportunity to manufacture new Timsons presses through Timsons CPI is good news for book manufacturers and publishers alike.


Lire : CPI du 22 septembre


Jean-Philippe Behr

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