La blockchain et la presse : vers des applications concrètes

Blockchain and the news media: Towards practical applications

The GAMI Briefing #2 looked at some of the most innovative use cases of the blockchain technology in the journalism space, as well as reporting on our recent survey about publishers’ expectations concerning blockchain.


  • Survey results show that publishers expect blockchain will help them tackle fake news, gain trust with readers and improve copyright/licensing agreements. But so far very few publishers have experimented with the tech.
  • Ranging from monetisation to SEO improvement, blockchain can be applied in various ways to support journalism. Some future use cases we might not be able to predict yet.
  • Experimentation with blockchain tech is expensive. News publishers looking to get involved should consider collaborating with developers in the blockchain space.

The conversation around blockchain can be confusing. On the one hand its advocates speak about the technology’s disruptive potential, which supposedly will transform a wide range of industries – including journalism. On the other, the technology’s concrete power may seem difficult to grasp, its news coverage ranging from the tech’s negative environmental impact to more esoteric fads such as the NFTs.

How is blockchain impacting the news industry? What are the actual use cases that we can highlight at the moment? The GAMI Briefing #2 was organised on Thursday 17 June, 2021 to seek answers to these questions, with a particular focus on how newsrooms can use blockchain to build trust.

In addition to organising the event, we surveyed news publishers to learn about their attitudes and expectations regarding the technology. (More information about the four-question survey is below the article.) The results show that publishers expect blockchain to have a significant impact on their businesses.


Lire la suite : WAN-IFRA du 21 juin


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