Print: putting the potent power of touch into your ad campaign

We’re excited to bring you ATTENTION, MEMORY AND EMOTION – Print Power’s free e-booklet download that digs deep into why touch makes print an incredibly powerful channel for brands and agencies.

In this fascinating expert study, we explore the neuroscience of human touch and the seductive power of print’s texture, shape, colour and smell – all the things that give it a deeper connection with a consumer. And we ask, why are brands missing a huge opportunity by shunning the hugely sensory print channel in favour of digital?

We’re honoured to have as a collaborator Dr Andy Myers from Walnut Unlimited – a London-based agency that applies psychological methods to understand how people behave. He offers compelling evidence into how print cuts through the noise of a crowded marketing landscape and offers a hard-wired pathway to the brain that immediately connects with the senses to harness emotion, grab attention and embed a brand in the memory.


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Jean-Philippe Behr

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