Un guide pour adopter l’IA dans les rédactions

AI Adoption for Newsrooms: A 10-Step Guide

AI is already changing the way news is being reported.

AI tools can alert journalists to breaking news, help them analyze and draw insights from large datasets, and even write and produce the news. At the same time, the risks associated with using AI tools are significant and varied. From potentially spreading misinformation to making biased statements, the cost — both literally and figuratively — of misusing AI in journalism can be high.

Partnership on AI (PAI), as part of the Knight Foundation’s AI and Local News Initiative, has been working with organizations and individuals from the technology and news industries, civil society, and academia to explore how journalists can ethically adopt AI. AI Adoption for Newsrooms: A 10-Step Guide is the latest addition to PAI’s AI and Local News Toolkit, a set of resources designed to help local news organizations responsibly harness AI’s potential.

Informed by 5 Key Principles for AI-Adopting Newsrooms, the Guide provides a step-by-step roadmap to support newsrooms navigating the difficult questions posed by AI tool identification, procurement, and use.

Beginning with Step 1, “Identifying the outcomes and objectives of adding an AI tool” and ending with Step 10, “When you should retire an AI tool,” AI Adoption for Newsrooms takes newsrooms through the entire AI adoption journey, illustrated with real-world examples of newsrooms that have incorporated AI tools.


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